Thank you for connecting on the Collaborative Community link invitation.

Before you commit to joining this exclusive community I would like to give you an overview of what to expect. 

Over my years working with leaders, managers, high potentials and training coaches I have become aware of the benefits of sharing information, having a safe place in which to discuss challenges and opportunities to deepen our skills and learning. 

For this reason I set up the Collaborative Community of Leaders and Coaches. 

What is the reason for my choosing this name?

I believe that we all have in us, regardless of role or position in our place of employment or  in our personal lives, the requisite skills to become leaders and support, motivate, develop and inspire others. In addition having worked with and trained many coaches, both in-house and as independent coaches, I aspire to continue to support coaches in their on-going development and success. I am committed to creating a Collaborative Community that provides a platform for like-minded people to work together and co-design a space and place that strengthens their skills, competencies and know-how.

I therefore invite you, as a meaningful contact of mine to join the Community and engage in this opportunity to build collaborative relationships. 

How do we work together?

  • We meet every six weeks on a Monday from 4.30 to 5.30pm Each meeting we take a Leadership topic suggested by a participant and discuss and explore the topic. 
  • Meeting notes are then circulated to all members of the Collaborative Community to keep them updated on these topical and current themes.
  • There is also a Discord on-line communications platform where we interact with each other between meetings and share leadership/coaching nuggets and insights. 
  • In addition, over the next few months,  I will be adding a library of articles on Leadership and Coaching related topics that you can access for your own development. 

The Collaborative Community is the right place for you if you wish to build networks, grow as a leader, manager or coach, develop your skills and have access to a support team of like-minded people.

I would be delighted for you to join us and invite you to sign up today. 

Next Steps:  Sign up to our next meeting and experience our Community for yourself. If you decide it is not the right fit for you there is no obligation to stay engaged.

I look forward to meeting you again.


Collaborative Community

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